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Admiral Nelson Boarding a Captured Ship, 20 November 1777, by Richard Westall (1806)

A Silver Litra of Syracuse, Sicily, struck c. 466-460 BC
On the obverse is the head of the Nereid nymph Arethusa wearing her hair in a pearl band. The letters ΣVRA (SYRA, short for Syracuse) are to her right. On the reverse is an octopus.
This coin was struck during the era of the Second Democracy which lasted from 466-405 BC, after the tyrant Thrasybulus was overthrown.
Six studies; two of boats, four of ships’ bows including two with figureheads of a lion and a classical warrior
This sheet of studies, reminiscent of similar drawings by the van de Veldes in the 17th century, includes two boats at the top (the one on the right being used for net fishing) and four warship bow studies, probably of frigates. One does not include the beak and figurehead and one only faintly. The other two clearly show a standard lion figurehead and a classical warrior.
From the collection of the National Maritime Museum
A DARING VOYAGE ACROSS THE ATLANTIC OCEAN. Lon. 1880. b/w plates. 151, 32 (adverts) pp. The Andrews brothers sailed from Boston to England and then to France in a 20 foot Gloucester dory built by Higgins & Gifford in 1878. Andrews made a total of 5 small boat voyages. In 1901 he and his second wife attempted a honeymoon voyage and were lost. First edition, and quite scarce. An American edition was printed the same year. Morris & Howland

" Two-Masted Sloop — Swift [1721] "  …  Ship’s Plan ©National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

ca. 1860’s, [ambrotype portrait of a dignified gentleman, possibly a sailor, posed in front of a painted mural of a whaling scene]
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Veterans of the Crimea War from the 72 Highlanders. 1850s.