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"Heave a shot across the rascal’s fore-foot." Illustration from A Pirate of the Caribees by Harry Collingwood (1851-1922). Pseudonym of William Joseph Cosens Lancaster, a civil engineer who specialised in seas and harbours. Via
"A very well-written book about the efforts of a young officer, Courtenay, to bring to book a wicked pirate, Morillo. It all seems very likely and believable, despite the usual ration of shipwrecks, captures, hurricanes, founderings, and so forth."
In the yeeeeaaaaar twooooooo thoooooousand…
Attempt to Veer by Nicholas Pocock.
"The Fore-stay-sail hoisted, is split in pieces; the Head-Yards are  braced aback; and, lastly, the mizenmast is cut away, and dragging by  the wreck of the rigging." From the National Maritime Musem
The sinking of the Central America was international news. Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Weekly and other newspapers published artists’ re-creations of the tragedy.